PMG Walk 15 – Croghan Kinsella falls to the Mighty Goat & with it, Wicklow!

PMG Walk 15 – Croghan Kinsella falls to the Mighty Goat & with it, Wicklow!

PMG Walk15 01Well it has been very busy around here at the moment and Project Mountain Goat is suffering because of this. However on the 19th of March I finally got to tick off the last official PMG walk in Wicklow! The walk itself was nothing overly special but now I have completed all PMG walks in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains, the Knockmealdown Mountains and the Galty Mountains. 3 Regions done…a “few” more to go 🙂

Croghan Kinsella was my target of the walk. Standing at 606m it was PMG summit number 83 and I got splendid weather for it too! I looked at doing just a loop walk but decided to tag some of the hills nearby too. Thus making the walk itself longer but more enjoyable in my opinion. It was probably one of the easiest PMG walks for a while now. The one thing different about this route was I was lucky enough to have my dad to pick me up at the end of my walk and drop me back to my car! 🙂 Delighted to say the least that I did not have to hitch a lift on the small country roads!

The outlook in hitting my target summits this month is looking slim due to work and weather but the energy is there PMG Walk15 02and with maybe two windows of opportunity I may actually get close enough to my targeted 38 summits… currently I have just 1 :/ Another thing to affect this is that I have done many of the “summit rich” routes near home and now the remaining routes in the South East have only a handful of PMG summits. On the other side I have planned 2 routes in the Mourne Mountains that will give me 27 summits in 2 days with over 60kms of walking. These PMG walks will mostly likely happen in month 4 of Project Mountain Goat. So for now that’s the update! I pray for good weather timely placed with my days off..surely that’s not too much to ask for?!?! 😉 Until next time! Cheers for reading!

Walk 15 - Route Map 24.3kms - 4hrs 51mins
The summits in order were:

Annagh Hill – 454m – Non PMG Summit
Croghan Kinsella 606m – (Summit #83/454 – Mtn Class: Arderin & Vandeleur-Lynam)
Slievefoore 414m – Non PMG Summit
Moneyteigh North 427m –  Non PMG Summit


24.30kms – 4hrs & 51mins
940m Ascent Meters – 1030m Descent Meters
4 Summits – 1 PMG Summit / 3 Non PMG Summit

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