PMG Walk 4 – Megalithic Tombs, Bog Labyrinths & 5 Summits!

PMG Walk 4 – Megalithic Tombs, Bog Labyrinths & 5 Summits!

PMG Walk 4 - Route Map 21.8kms - 5hrs 8minsWalk 4 (Friday 17/01/2014) of Project Mountain Goat was graced with better weather than the previous walk. The walk known as “The Kilbride Loop” of 4 summits was to be the base of my walk however i would add one extra summit; Kippure 757m. I would also start and finish in the Dodder valley (I think it’s called that anyways) by the lake/reservoir.

PMG Walk4 01The day started like any other…me, struggling to get out of bed, wolfing down some cereal and tea and then out the door! The drive woke me up but the rain dampened my spirits a little. When i finally got parking the walk was off to a good start. The rain had stopped and the clouds looked as if they were going to lift! The first summit of the day was Seahan at 647m (10/453) which was cloud covered and apparently also had a Megalithic Tomb. I forgot to look out for this Tomb and of course saw no sign of it with my head buPMG Walk4 02ried in the clouds rather than in ancient history scouting.

Summit two was Corrig Mountain at 617m (11/453). Here the cloud was still down and the eerie gunshot sounds from the military base below echoed through the cloud with a foreboding of “don’t walk off the wrong side of the mountain today Simon”. Seefingan at 723m (12/453) finally loomed out of the clouds and was the third summit of the day. This summit had a huge Cairn on it also! Summit four won the summit of the day for me today. Seefin, at 621m (13/453) has at its summit, a Megalithic Tomb with a passage chamber that you can actually squeeze through! I honestly mean sqPMG Walk4 03ueeze through which of course I did, after my lunch of brown bread and butter…maybe I should have saved it for after the Tomb exploring!

Finally, after what seemed like hours of bog slogging through what can only be described as “Bog Labyrinths” (check out the full photo album, link below) I arrived at the summit of Kippure at 757m (14/453). Now in all fairness they do have warning signs of falling iPMG Walk4 04ce from the huge mast overhead, however, being a bit of a perfectionist I needed to take a summit photo. While doing so I was narrowly missed by falling ice! Yikes ;/ After this, more bog slogging down the slopes of Kippure towards the car where walk number 4 ended and I went home with 5 more summits climbed!

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