Project Mountain Goat – 1 Arderin more!

Project Mountain Goat – 1 Arderin more!

So I just found out today that the mountain "Ott Mountain" in the Mourne Mountains has been re-measured and now is classified as an Arderin! As if the project of climbing 453 summits was not enough I now have one more to the list! 454 summits in 1 year! What else can I say but bring it on!!!

In other news I noticed that in the newsletter my profile caught some attention. In particular were the following routes, here is what was written:

"EAST: Nice vantage point
Good to see that people are now doing some night walking. Hopefully the visibility was good when simoburn did this circuit to the top of the Sugar Loaf. The view from the summit on a clear night out to the north east towards Bray and east to Greystones is wonderful with all the lights twinkling below and the cars sweeping along the motorway.
simoburn on Great Sugar Loaf Loop Walk
Did the normal loop route at night. 2 hrs – 5kms. walk, Length:5.3km, Climb: 379m, Area: Great Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Great Sugar Loaf Click here"

"EAST: All at Sea/See
A five top round in one of the most popular areas of the mountains south of Dublin has been uploaded by simoburn, snaking from Seahan around to Kippure with a divergence to Seefin along the way. This provides a logical day's hillwalking; sufficiently logical that it cannot be sensibly linked to any adjacent summits.
simoburn on Seahan to Kippure Loop Walk
A loop walk of 21.8kms – 5hrs 8mins. Went up Seahan 647m, ac walk, Length:21.8km, Climb: 921m, Area: Seahan, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Seahan, Corrig Click here"

"EAST: Have map – will travel!
The way simoburn is burning up the miles it seems to be a singular mission of some sort. This December the Wicklow mountains have been traversed in all directions and this track is no exception. Except for what looks like a little error in direction after Ballycurragh Hill this is a well executed butterfly circuit of the south Wicklow mountains.
simoburn on Ballinacor to Ballycurragh Hill – Too much forest!
32.2kms in 7hrs 53mins. Ballinacor Mtn 531m, Croaghanmoira 6 walk, Length:32.2km, Climb: 1335m, Area: Ballinacor Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) B Click here"

I would like to use this opportunity to say cheers to the guys over at for putting together such a great website that aids in finding, logging and researching mountains and walks around Ireland!

Right…back to work!

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