Project Mountain Goat – Month 1 Stats!

Project Mountain Goat – Month 1 Stats!

Well today Sunday the 9th of February marks one month of Project Mountain Goat! The final walk of month one was on Thursday the 6th of February. I had planned another walk today…a walk of 30kms and 8 summits but sadly I woke up sick this morning and my grand plans were thwarted! However I am still on target in spite of this terrible weather we have been having! The average number of summits I must do per month is 37.8, so I consider myself on target! So a big thanks to all the readers and for all the support and encouragement people have been giving me on this madness. It is always great to see that others think the project is as awesome as I do. For all the likes, shares and comments, cheers guys!

The “Stats” – Month 1!

10/01/2014 – 09/02/2014
Number of walks: 9
Total PMG summits: 37
Total non PMG summits: 4 (Not a Vandeleur-Lynam or Arderin)
Total summits: 41 (PMG and non PMG summits)
Total distance walked: 189.60kms
Total time walking: 45hrs 52mins

Here’s to month 2! The search for summits continues! Wish me luck!

PMG Walk4 01
See the complete photo album here or on Facebook here:

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